. Welcome to Freedom's Last Chance

Welcome to Freedom's Last Chance

Freedoms Last Chance Inc is a 501 (c) (3) Non Profit Charitable
Organization established in 2008 in Franklin County Virginia. We are dedicated to reducing the county's euthanasia rate by slowing the overpopulation of cats through several programs.

The first program is a Spay/Neuter Program.
Second program is our Pet Food Assistance Program.
Third program is to educate the community to prevent and stop the suffering of cats.

With the Spay/Neuter program, we can help those who still can not afford it, and reach out to those who care for the "Community Cats". Community Cats are outside cats and include: feral/wild cats, and unfriendly cats, lost cats, and abandoned sweet cats. Some of these cats especially the feral and wild will never adjust to living indoors and if taken into a pound/shelter would not be adopted and would most likely be euthanized. The best way to save these type of cats is to spay, neuter, and vaccinate them and return them to their environment, instead of letting them multiply. Our intention is that the number of cats taken into the local pound will decline.

Second by having a Pet Food Assistance Program, we have saved hundreds of cats and dogs from being owner relinquished at the pound or abandoned. This program has also saved a lot of the community cats from being taken into the pound. As we all know, the world today is having trouble feeding their family as well as their pets. We also help the local animal rescues with pet food donations.

Third by educating the community, we have become a resource center to inform and teach to prevent the suffering and euthanasia of these animals.

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"All Animals Have a Right to Life…free from Harm, Fear, and Abuse."