Volunteers are needed in several areas. Whatever you can do to help!

Become a Board Member or Volunteer to:

Transport animals from the pound to Vets

Drive and pick up food donations

Become a Foster to help save the animals

Help create a database of Fosters willing to help

Assist by taking pictures of the animals available at the local Pound for our Facebook page

Be a Caretaker to clean the animals' homes

Assist and learn in doing some grooming, ear cleaning, and clipping nails

Help with Fundraisers; host and organize, provide ideas to have more

Help us find additional funding by Grants
(We need people willing that have knowledge in the field of Grants that can help)

To Volunteer, please send us an email at mailto: freedomslastchancesml@gmail.com

"All Animals Have a Right to Life…free from Harm, Fear, and Abuse."